diVa - Laser Vaginal Therapy

Project Pink

The Women’s Health Group, as part of Sciton’s “Because Results Matter” mission to make a difference in the quality of people’s lives, is undertaking a philanthropic endeavor to raise awareness about women’s vaginal health. As such, we are thrilled to provide a supportive partnership to the Young Survival Coalition through our women’s focused initiative – Project Pink diVa®!

Why Project Pink diVa?

For young women who have been thrust into early menopause, the unique challenges can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to intimacy.

diVa Laser Therapy is for any woman who has diminished vaginal health. Start living life as you imagined… with Confidence!

  • Quick and comfortable, 3-5 minutes
  • No-to-minimal downtime
  • In-office procedure

“Surviving cancer gave me another chance at life. Having diVa therapy for my diminished vaginal health gave me another chance at improving the quality of my life.

– diVa patient & cancer survivor

Ask your physician if diVa can be your life changing non-hormonal option for improving your vaginal health and wellness.

Sciton® in Partnership with YSC for Breast Cancer Awareness




For my patients who express concerns about their inability to use estrogen therapy, diVa fortunately offers them an option for their issues that is safe, has no systemic risks, is longer-lasting and more effective. Nathan Guerette, MD, FACOG

diVa by Sciton