diVa - Laser Vaginal Therapy


A comfortable, no downtime, non-ablative approach for improved appearance of external vaginal skin

What is diVaTyte?

diVaTyte is:

  • Easy
  • Quick – 10 minutes
  • No downtime

A non-ablative treatment using selected wavelengths of light penetrating deep into tissue. Specially designed sapphire quartz delivers therapeutic light by gently massaging the exterior vaginal skin heating the dermal layer. End result is a more pleasing youthful appearance.

Ask your provider to complement diVaTyte with diVa™ Vaginal Laser Therapy to benefit from the synergistic effect of optimizing both internal and external tissue providing you a total solution in feminine health.

Will diVaTyte improve or reduce sagging skin of my vagina?

Looseness and laxity are amongst the highest complaints for women seeking vaginal improvement. Pregnancy and motherhood have tremendous rewards; however, vaginal childbirth excessively stretches the muscles and skin of the vagina. The body’s natural healing process repairs much of the damage, but tissue may not return to its previous state, especially after multiple pregnancies. Eventually, many women feel their labial skin has lost some of its youthfulness.

A recent diVaTyte survey revealed that the loss of youthfulness in the appearance of  vaginal skin make women feel:

  • Embarrassed
  • Anxiety
  • Loss of self-esteem

As women naturally age, complaints of  skin quality changes are in all areas of the body, not just in faces and necks. This condition is amongst the highest complaints for women, typically affecting their sexual relationships and positive feelings of well-being.

Not only new moms, but all women want to take charge of their bodies and feel sensual, confident and physically pleasing in all areas. diVaTyte is a quick, no downtime solution for these feminine intimate challenges.

How would you describe your vaginal skin?

  • Not youthful
  • Somewhat youthful
  • Moderately youthful

With diVaTyte, all women can now take charge of their bodies and feel sensual, confident and physically pleasing in all areas.

How does diVaTyte work?

diVaTyte is based on SkinTyte™, the same non-ablative technology for skin firming typically on face, neck, and abdomen. diVaTyte utilizes powerful and comfortable contact cooling to protect the top layer of skin while permitting safe infrared energy to heat deeper layers of tissue where collagen and elastin reside. By raising the tissue temperature, your body naturally initiates a repair and remodeling response, which over time, leads to skin firmness and improved tone.

diVaTyte - How It Works

“I was so impressed with my results I am no longer considering surgery.”

Regina, 62

“I finally feel confident again and it may have saved my marriage.”

Stephanie, 54

diVa by Sciton